Membership Information
Membership Fees for 2013-2014
In an effort to manage the growth and development of the game,
Basketball PEI membership fees runs from September 1st through to August 31st.  The Basketball PEI membership fees  remain  among the lowest in the province compared to other provincial sport organizations.
Additionally, at the Canada Basketball (CB) Annual General Meeting held in Toronto on May 29, 2011, the provincial/ territorial basketball associationís agreed to support Canada Basketball in a historic decision as a National Membership Program (NMP) was adopted, after many years of debate.  Provinces have agreed that all members of the provincial/ territorial associations will now be members of CB.  The NMP will support CB financially as the $5 per member fee will help with necessary program and administrative financial resources, will allow CB to approach sponsors with accurate membership data showing the impact of basketball programs across the country and will position CB to continue to grow the sport in Canada.  Prior to this, CB was the only national Sport Governing Body not having some form of NMP.   

NMP - 5 reasons for 5 bucks
Participant Membership Fees
The following fees will be collected from all Basketball PEI members, for the 2013-2014 season, ending August 31st, 2014.  
Individual Membership: $20 ea
Includes:  All minor basketball players, coaches, managers, executive & board members, junior officials and adult league players.
Elite Athlete Membership: $25 ea
Includes:  Elite Club teams (U13-U18), Provincial & Development teams, Centre for Performance Programs.
Officials Membership: $15 ea
PEIBOA Officials pay the $5 Canada Basketball membership fee through the Canadian Association of Basketball Officials (CABO).
Organization Membership Fees
Minor Basketball Associations, PEIBOA & BCAPEI:  $100

Clubs & League's
:  $50